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Offset paper

Collective word for different paper grades manufactured for offset lithography. High amounts of size, improve moisture retention when in contact with offset press humidifying systems.

Label paper

Any type of coated paper with one side that is usually used for packaging or labeling products, for example. The other side can be coated or non-coated with an adhesive.

Alluminium paper

Packing paper coated with aluminum powder or foil, is mainly used for packing cigarettes and food products. You can also choose from composited, coated, and embossed soft, hard, and half hard.

Metallized paper

Metallized products are highly developed composites made of a thin film of aluminum in combination with paper. This product is 100% thinner than aluminum foil and is as flexible and weightless as paper.

Sillicone paper

Silicone paper provides an effective barrier against water and most solvents. Prevents excess adhesive from sticking to other surfaces. Often useful in making single-sided laminates.

Poster paper

A special for paper which is usually used for signs, display backgrounds, posters and photographs. For printing ink, poster colors or tempera. The most familiar consumer form is advertising.

Adhesive paper

A type of paper with a coating on one side in which the coating is an adhesive, which can either be permanently sticky or only become sticky by applying moisture, heat or other conditions.

Metallized boards

Metallized boards are suitable for manufacturing packaging for goods, gift boxes and bags. The boards are UV and foil offset alkali proof inks printable. They are made in sheets, but can also be delivered in rolls.


Cardboard is a collective term for heavy paper of different strengths. This can vary from a simple single sheet of thick paper to more complex shapes of cardboard with several corrugated and non-grooved layers.

Wood-free paper

Wood-free paper is made from chemical pulp instead of mechanical pulp.Chemical pulp is made from pulpwood, but is not considered as wood. Wood-free discolours less quickly as mechanical pulp. 

Kraft Paper

Kraft or kraft paper is paper or cardboard produced from chemical pulp.Bag kraft paper is a permeable kraft paper with high elasticity and tear resistance, especially designed for packaging products.